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Here you will find tips and resources to help you discover, purchase, and share products made in communities across America.


Try these products featuring American ingenuity

The Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen Company developed this pen for the American space program. It works in zero gravity, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and at extreme temperatures.

The Pure Bag

After the Pure Bag’s founder contracted MRSA at a gym, she developed these gym bags, back packs, and totes with silver-impregnated fabric to defend against MRSA, athlete’s foot and other gross stuff.

Lux Blox

Lux Blox, with their unique moving linkages, stimulate curiosity, exploration and creativity by enabling kids to explore machines; build biological and chemical structures; and create projects in art, architecture, and design.


The FootMate’s contoured bristles create a stimulating massage and extra cleaning power and increase blood circulation in your feet The softer inner bristles gently massage your tender soles, while the stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin. 

Why and How to Buy an American Car



Of the $600 billion of annual trade deficit in consumer products, nearly $200 billion, one-third of the entire deficit, is attributable to automobiles and components.  This is the place where action is most effective, and most needed. [Click here for more information.]

But how to buy an “American” car?  With the global supply chain, it would be impossible to find a car that is 100 percent American-made.  So, the simple answer is this:

Make sure the next car you buy has the maximum possible percentage of U.S. “content” (parts, labor, and manufacturing overhead). 

“And how do I do that?” you ask. Click here for more information.


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