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Here you will find tips and resources to help you discover, purchase, and share products made in communities across America.


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Our Latest Collection: The Perfect Street Style

Our shiny new collection is out and available. You can visit our online and offline shops to grab the perfect pair of shoes for your shoe closet.

Tailored Made In Our Newly Opened Shop - Open Bar

Visit our newly opened shop and be part of an exclusive experience. Meet friendly faces and enjoy a glass of wine! Join us at the opening party!

A Hot & Cold Collection For Men Of All Age

In the last two years we embarked on a journey to refine our menswear collection. Visit our stores to redefine your look.

Summer Is Coming And With It Our New Couture Collection

The first full summer collection created by our fashion house will be launched early next month. A luxurious style for our amazing shoppers.

How to Buy an American Car

Of the $600 billion of annual trade deficit in consumer products, nearly $200 billion, one-third of the entire deficit, is attributable to automobiles and components.  This is the place where action is most effective, and most needed. 

But how to buy an “American” car?  With the global supply chain, it would be impossible to find a car that is 100 percent American-made.  So, the simple answer is this:

Make sure the next car you buy has the maximum possible percentage of U.S. “content” (parts, labor, and manufacturing overhead). 

“And how do I do that?” you ask.  Click here for more information.


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